Actor Divya Chouksey passed away due to cancer on Sunday


Actor-Singer Divya Chouksey Dies Due to Cancer After Bidding Goodbye to Fans in an Instagram Post

A day before, she took to Instagram to tell all that she was on her death-bed. May her soul rest in peace! Divya has reportedly been under extreme pain from the last few days and she also wished for ‘another life of non-suffering’ in her last Instagram stories post made on Saturday. She also told her fans that they mean a lot to her but she is under a lot of pain to continue The actor’s cousin Amish Verma broke the news in a Facebook post and mentioned that Divya succumbed to cancer at a very young age. His Facebook post read, “I am very sad to share that my cousin Divya Chouksey has passed away due to cancer at a very young age. She did an acting course from London and went on to feature in a couple of films and serials.Her heartbreaking Instagram post read, “Words cannot suffice what I want to convey, the more the less. Since it’s been months am absconded and bombarded with plethora of messages, it’s time I tell you guys. I am on my deathbed. S*** happens, I am strong. Be there another life of non-suffering. No questions please. Only god knows how much you mean to me. Bye.” She used to take pride in calling herself a cancer survivor but she could never fully recover from the deadly disease. May her soul rest in peace!

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