“Unlocking Financial Insights: Episode 5 of ‘The Big Small Talk’ – Dive into Money Matters with Anuj Sawhney and Manav Subodh”


After garnering widespread acclaim for their insightful discussions and crossing over 125,000+ Subscribers on YouTube, The Big Small Talk proudly presents its latest episode, delving into the pivotal topic of “Money..Matters!”. Anuj Sawhney, celebrated for his journey from Bollywood to steering Swiss Military Worldwide, teams up once again with his longtime friend, Manav Subodh, the visionary Founder of 1M1B – One Million for One Billion. Together, they embark on a captivating exploration of the complexities surrounding financial priorities in today’s fast-paced world, promising yet another enlightening dialogue for their dedicated audience.

Anuj and Manav deep dive into the significance of financial management in contemporary society. They dissect the profound impact of money on individuals’ lives, emphasizing how the relentless pursuit of success often leaves little room for personal well-being and altruism. The discussion sheds light on the modern dilemma of balancing self-care, savings & societal contributions, uncovering the underlying tensions and challenges faced by individuals in today’s economic landscape.

Through their candid and insightful conversation, Anuj and Manav offer invaluable perspectives on the multifaceted nature of money matters in today’s world. Joined by a diverse panel of four fascinating influencers, including Dilip Ramachandran, a Drummer and Creative Director; Anuradha Jain, an interior designer and entrepreneur; Ashish B., a Strategy Consultant, Superbiker, and Animal Enthusiast; and Shivani Chopra, a stylist and life coach, this episode promises engaging conversations and practical advice. From artistic perspectives to business insights, adventure strategies to personal development tips, this dynamic discussion offers listeners a holistic approach to navigating financial challenges in today’s world. Don’t miss out on this captivating exploration of Money Matters!”