The Animal Welfare Institute of Delhi is assisting working animals in Maharashtra.


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations in association with the India Animal Fund (IAF) is running a fundraiser to raise awareness about the plight of working donkeys in the Nanded, Beed, and Latur districts of Maharashtra, India. These animals are subjected to severe neglect and abuse, and their suffering intensifies during the monsoon season when brick kilns close down. The fundraiser has received significant attention so far with close to 4,000 supporters raising awareness for the cause.

The groups are calling for public support to provide immediate relief to these donkeys in the form of food, water, and veterinary care. Additionally, they are seeking long-term solutions by strengthening existing Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs) and empowering local communities to advocate for animal welfare.

“Witnessing the beatings, injuries, and overall neglect left a lasting impression on me, leading me to dedicate myself to animal welfare efforts,” said SirjanaNijjar, a lawyer who serves as a driving force behind this campaign. Her firsthand experience with the brutal treatment of donkeys in these districts sparked a lifelong passion for animal welfare.Over the years, she has documented the abuse and neglect, volunteered with rescue organisations, and learned about the challenges faced by working donkeys in India.

“It is a shame that in this technological age we still have millions of working animals who are made to toil endlessly. They suffer unseen and unheard, and it is time that this cause gets its due attention. We are extremely happy to be associated with FIAPO and Dharma Donkey Sanctuary, and we are excited about the difference they can make to these animals”, said Sandeep Reddy, COO, India Animal Fund (IAF).

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to create a future where working donkeys are treated with respect and compassion. This includes ensuring proper nutrition, veterinary care, and safe shelter. Importantly, the campaign aims to empower local communities to become the voice for these animals and ensure their well-being.