Trending: Shama Sikander is making you go ‘wow’ big time in her black deep-neck monokini, serves as quintessential vogue goals for vacation


Shama Sikander has had in the entertainment space, there’s absolutely no iota of doubt about the fact that she’s one of the most inspiring figures around. She’s made her way to the top amidst the cut-throat competition and has successfully cemented her niche in the industry with good quality and credible work. Apart from being an actress and a fitness icon, Shama Sikander is also a successful Producer and mental-health advocate who always motivates people in the right way.

A lot of Shama Sikander’s loyal legion of fans will certainly know and believe the fact that she’s someone who believes in the art of balancing. “All work & no play” certainly makes Jack a dull boy and no wonder, she realizes the importance of refreshment and rejuvenation. That’s exactly why, amidst all the hustle and bustle around her hectic life, Shama always manages to take short breaks and vacations to get things going her way smoothly. She’s someone who loves to satiate her quench for wanderlust and in the process, has travelled almost the entire globe by now.

The diva looks classy and top-notch as she embraces the sunkissed vibe and what stands out is the fine-tuned net work in her monokini that makes her look like a complete ‘work of art’. No wonder there’s a strong reason why we feel that if anyone wants to slay the monokini swimwear vibe during their vacation time,Her effortless poise and charismatic pose truly takes us in a different mesmerizing world altogether. Want to check out and admire her alluring personality that’s set to captivate your minds and hearts like never before? Here you go –