Why MX TakaTak Fame Collab is a great concept for digital stars!


MX TakaTak features a wide variety of short form content and offers creators mobile first creation tools such as an exhaustive background music library, audio mixing, advanced beautification tools, new & innovative effects/filters, and voice over recording. It also hosts some of India’s leading digital influencers such as Gima Ashi, Ashika Bhatia, Rugees, Manjull Khattar, Khushi Punjaban, Mridul Madhlok and Ayush Yadav amongst others.

We recently heard about a unique creator initiative rolled out by the platform last year with ‘MX TakaTak Fame House’, and a similar activity was held earlier this month called MX TakaTak Fame Collab. This collab brought 15+ MX TakaTak creators together under one roof to collaborate and create engaging and fun content for its consumers. This 6 day initiative included all the support/ professional assistance from the platform that the creators needed to create interesting videos and here’s why we think it’s a great concept for both the users, as well as the influencers.

  1. Exploring newer content with other top content creators – Nothing like living together under the same roof with some of India’s finest creators to get the creative juices flowing! The fame house hosts large and small creators from different backgrounds who get the opportunity to associate and brainstorm with each other, experimenting with genres that they otherwise wouldn’t have dealt in. Participants of the first season of the Fame House admit to having learnt new tips and tricks from their peers during their stay, which now enables them to come up with new content trends to entertain the users. With all that they need made available, the possibilities truly become endless, giving them a unique opportunity to create a niche for themselves
  2. Increase their fan following – Each of these creators have a following of their own, but imagine how that multiplies when you work alongside so many other KOLs! They are able to leverage each other’s fan base and grow their following in the process. So, not only do the creators benefit but so do the users who get to see an array of differentiated content from their favourite KOLs
  3. Lights. Camera. Action – Everyone in the house has access to professional creative guidance, hair and makeup, professional production setup and a beautiful location where all they need to think about is creating great content.

So if you want to try your hand at becoming a star, this is your chance! Download the MX TakaTak app now.


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