From a small town boy to becoming a motivational leader for millions – MX TakaTak influencer, Vipin Yadav is making it big!


While there are thousands of fitness influencers and bloggers making their way up the social circuit, India’s strongest bodybuilder, MX TakaTak influencer Vipin Yadav is proving to be a motivation for millions of people.

He had a dream to spread the joy of fitness, agility and strength and boy, did he follow through with it! He started out as a small town boy who built himself a gym with readily available equipment within his house itself and today, not only is he an avid fitness enthusiast but also an inspiration to others, telling them nothing is impossible. As an influencer on leading short format video app MX TakaTak, Vipin Yadav has received colossal exposure and support to further his dream, with over 3 million of his followers being inspired each time he puts out a fitness video on the platform. With MX TakaTak encouraging creators around the nation to explore their talent, influencers like Vipin Yadav are presented with the unique opportunity to showcase their craft and reach out to over 150 + million users that the platform caters to.  Crediting a part of his success to MX TakaTak Vipin Yadav shares, “I’ve always been a fit boy, but it was my sister’s dream to see me follow this passion on a larger scale. There is talent, there is dedication, and there is motivation, but there is definitely a lack of resources from where I come. I always had a dream to help people understand the importance of staying healthy. This is what made me come up with the idea of starting a gym, so I found places on the street, grounds and even by lanes and started little fitness stations so that more people could freely use it and start their health journeys. I am truly grateful to MX TakaTak, to have given me a platform to take me one step closer to my dreams and for connecting me with a wider audience that respects my work and follows it religiously.”


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