Mika Singh sings Gazal for the first time in collaboration with Minu Bakshi

Poetess & singer, Minu Bakshi, who has collaborated with legendary playback singer, Mika Singh to come up with a new song. The track, titled “Tere Bin Zindagi”, a classic modern love song features lyrics by Minu Bakshi, and the song has been sung & performed by Mika Singh. It’s a first-of-its-kind for many reasons, most important being that the song is an acoustic romantic ghazal and it’s the first time that Mika Singh is singing a song in this genre. It’s an interesting coming together of two phenomenal artists both performing outside the genres for which they are best known. On one hand the King of Bollywood pop and folk Mika Singh.Though Minu Bakshi and Mika Singh have collaborated previously in the Punjabi folk/pop genre, this song represents a new direction where more such collaborations are planned. The song is supported by a very original music video that features Minu Bakshi and Mika Singh working together on the song. The duration of the song is 3 min 40 second and it will be released on youtube in the coming week.