Contemporary Art within the Visual Cultures of Italy & India

ndian and Italian film makers come together to create
a visionary and pioneering documentary film that explores the exciting world of Contemporary Art in both the INDIAN sub-continent and in Europe, ITALY, and lends context by investigating the semiotics i.e the signs and symbols surrounding them in history and culture. It allows the audience to glimpse into the aesthetics of the two regions. Curated by Myna Mukherjee and Davide Quadrio, the film will be shot by award winning directors Onir (India) and Alessandra Galletta (Italy).
Visual Art consumers have become highly sophisticated readers of signs and signals, decoding subconsciously art work compositions. Everything surrounding us human beings today, including our own identities are all moulded and manipulated by signs, words, images and our visual language. The study will serve as an exciting digital reference for cross-cultural studies, exhibition making and knowledge generation and entertainment. The cinematic study will look at both origins and departures from academic and pedagogic lineages, and simultaneously offer insight into contemporary art practices of diverse artists. It will offer the viewer an identifiable visual specificity as well as take them on a journey along several pathways of intellectual and visual freedom charted by artists over the years.
The journey is worth examining as it is reflective of the movement as a whole from its inception to the present moment. The trajectory of individual practices and the contemporary art space as a whole is one that reverses the confinement of tradition & classicism and the freedom of play only to return paradoxically to a reconfigured practice that often occupies a marginalized space which is inherently confined by its own syntax and discourse which is both complex and layered. This study hopes to transform and dissolve those same layers and boundaries into aesthetic references and critical insight into this greater space of art making, modernity and contemporary relevance in the global world.  The idea is to hear the artists speak a language that can be understood by viewers brought up in different cultures. Not by making the language flat or speaking the same language, but rather a specific language touched with experience so that it is accessible to someone from a different background.
The Documentary will be shot in both India and Italy traversing through some extremely intriguing places which holds extreme value in anthropology.

Locations in India 

  • Zone 1 East – West Bengal
  • Zone 2 South – Kerala/ Andhra
  • Zone 3 North – Spiti & Srinagar
  • Zone 4 West – Gujarat

Locations in Italy

  • Dolimiti Contemporanee
  • Arte Sella
  • Il Posto Danza Verticale
  • BURRI Foundation
  • Villa Panza
  • Museo Casa Mollino
The film will be screened at ARTISSIMA in November 2021 as part of INDIA HUB, which will be one of the first ever outings of Indian Art in Italy’s most pivotal art fair along-with a museum exhibition.


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