The most significant life-lesson Hindmata taught me was the importance of Self-Love: Rashi Mal


Actress Rashi Mal is on a high, what with the upcoming launch of her latest web series on Eros Now, titled ‘Hindmata – A show Of Women, By Women, For Women’. A coming-of-age women-centric web series, Hindmata, is an ode to the resilient spirit of women.

With a rather unusual premise and quirky characters, the light-hearted show is a sensitive, modern tale that follows the protagonist Samaira Jal’s journey (played by Rashi Mal) of finding herself, becoming self-reliant and eventually standing up for things that matter to her while also touching upon some very important issues. The show comprises a cast and crew of mostly women which in itself is rather unique and releases on the 31st of March. The title rap song released on Women’s day serves as the perfect prelude to showcase the spirit of the show.
Speaking about her role, Rashi says, “Samaira is a rich, pampered South Bombay fashion designer who lives in her own little bubble, far removed from anyone else’s reality and almost naive in her ignorance. When destiny throws her into a setting completely alien from the world she knows, she ends up working closely with women inmates of the HINDMATA prison and it leaves a deep impact on her, completely transforming her life in the process.”
This experience has had a profound impact on Rashi too. Just as Samaira goes through her own transformation, Rashi believes she too has had her journey of personal growth in the process of bringing alive the character on screen. “Preparing for my role was a rather fun yet intense experience. We did a lot of rehearsals as well as workshops for character development, stitching, singing in a short amount of time. This is one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had and the most significant life lesson I am taking away from this stint is the importance of self-love. Samaira’s self-assuredness and almost delusional faith in herself helped me realize that self-love is a superpower that is innate to every woman, but we don’t harness it enough. We need to be our own cheerleaders, the leading ladies of our own lives.Rashi has also worked on several web series including Pyaar Actually with YRF, Akarsh Khurana’s Boygiri, Timeout, Paanch, and A.I.SHA (that has seen a lot of international success and airs on the biggest TV channel, TF1, in France). She is currently working on 2 film projects that are slated to release in 2021 including Dharma Production’s much-awaited Brahmastra.


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