As part of the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ initiative, the Delhi Metro will observe ‘Swachhta Pakhwada-2021’ from 01st April to 15th April 2021 to promote cleanliness in and around Delhi Metro premises. The objective of this campaign is to continue focus on “Hygiene and Sanitation” particularly keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic and to reinforce the message of cleanliness amongst public.

During this fortnight, the Delhi Metro will launch cleanliness drive across all vulnerable locations on its network. Each day of the pakhwada will be dedicated to specific area(s) for cleaning, sanitation etc. available at stations depots, residential colonies, site offices and construction sites. The detailed daywise areas to be taken up under the drive are also attached.

Each day, the designated areas for the day will be extensively cleaned like ticket vending/validating machines and ticket counters/Customer Care Centre; security frisking and baggage handling points; passengers movement area i.e entrance, concourse and platforms, toilets especially those meant for Divyang passengers); Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gate; stairs and hand rails; cleaning of Lifts, escalators & Travelators, metro parking area etc.

DMRC officials at all stations and construction sites will liaison with concerned civic authorities like MCD, NDMC, GDA, NOIDA, MCG,MCF etc. by carrying out intensive cleaning, removal of encroachment, beggars/vendors etc. in and around Metro premises. Moreover, removal of posters, debris, damaged items etc. from Metro properties, viaducts, station areas will also be executed during the period. The Metro staff deputed at stations will also guide/counsel general public to abstain from defacing the Metro property.

Ever since the beginning of Swachh Bharat Mission in the year 2014, DMRC in its entirety, had been following and practicing the objectives of this mission and ensuring that Delhi Metro remains one of the most clean and hygienic public place where millions of people patronise it for their seamless commuting in Delhi-NCR.

S. No Date Activities to be done
1 01.04.21 Cleaning and maintenance of toilets (more emphasis on toilets for Diyang passengers)
2 02.04.21 Cleaning of surrounding areas of within 50 metres
3 03.04.21 Cleaning of parking areas
4 04.04.21 Cleaning of passenger movement area at station i.e entrance, concourse & platforms
5 05.04.21 Cleaning of security frisking and baggage handling points
6 06.04.21 Cleaning of glass surfaces
7 07.04.21 Cleaning of ticket vending/validating machines and ticket counters/Customer Care Centre
8 08.04.21 Cleaning of AFC gates
9 09.04.21 Cleaning of stairs and hand rails
10 10.04.21 Cleaning & upkeeping of notice boards/signage
11 11.04.21 Cleaning of Lifts
12 12.04.21 Cleaning of escalators & travelators
13 13.04.21 Cleaning of interchange areas, ramps, subways, passage etc.
14 14.04.21 Cleaning of working areas and office/service and technical rooms
15 15.04.21 Cleaning of Property Development (PD)/ Property Business (PB) areas.