Vestige experts talk about importance of stronger immunity and benefits of preventive healthcare and wellbeing


With the pandemic bringing dramatic changes to people’s lives, the reports suggests that the wellness and health market is on the rise and people are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of preventive healthcare and wellbeing like never before.  Vestige has been continuously advocating the need for building stronger immunity and fostering overall good health for all age groups since its foundation. During this period, Vestige has been arousing mass consciousness around its preventive wellness products.
Setting this year’s World Health Day theme as immunity building for all, Vestige organised  contests on social-media asking people to share their photographs with health supplements and also asked them to post videos of their workout sessions to inspire others. These campaigns received overwhelming response from its independent product distributors.
Commenting on the celebrations held and their importance, Mr. Gautam Bali, MD Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd said, “As we are all navigating the pandemic, the emphasis now is more than ever on building immunity and strengthening our shield against the impact of the virus. At Vestige, we have always emphasised on the importance of nutrition and immunity in enhancing people’s wellbeing.  The Prime Minister has outlined preventive medicine as being primary for overall health and wellness under the Ayushman Bharat initiative. Vestige has been innovating and developing health supplements and nutraceuticals that boost overall health and bring qualitative difference in the quality of people’s lives. These supplements help bridge the gap in crucial nutrients that may be lacking in our day-to-day intake of food. Their importance spans across age groups and genders, making them an essential part of healthy living. On the occasion World Health Day, we reaffirm our commitment to provide people with health-enhancing solutions.”

Vestige has been constantly expanding its product range and introducing innovative wellness products. The Ayurvedic products, nutraceuticals and health supplements sold by Vestige has won customer loyalty since 2004 due to their efficacy and world-class quality.


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