Chopard announces its association with Deepika Padukone


Diamonds symbolising a call to freedom and happiness: an iconic emblem
permeating jewellery and watchmaking alike, Happy Diamonds are a powerful
anthem to joy that resounds around the world with unmistakable panache. A
legendary Chopard signature, whose colours are now flown by Friend of Chopard
Deepika Padukone, who personifies an irrefutably free-spirited attitude. With an
enchanting smile, she makes the Happy Diamonds codes her own and stages the
vibrant energy of their perpetual movement.

It is a sunny wave that vibrates, undulates and spreads at lightning speed like good
news: a perpetual movement of the heart that carries the world along with it. In a wide-
ranging campaign, Chopard's Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele,
presents the iconic Happy Diamonds, talismans that epitomise freedom and Joie de
Vivre with peerless charisma. In their dazzling whirl, they have consistently embraced
the twists of history through infinite transformations, while contributing the strength of
their independent spirit. Is it a watch? A piece of jewellery? Dancing diamonds are
equally elegant in both realms, but they are, above all, a flash of wit.

Happy Diamonds are Françoise Sagan speeding along in a sports car on her way to a dance. Happy
Diamonds is also a constellation of free-spirited and stunning women giving a face to
this energy, which makes its way through the ages while remaining as vibrantly alive as
ever . Deepika Padukone – The power of an icon
From her first steps as a fashion model to Bollywood, the incomparable light that
Deepika Padukone carries within her attracts energy like a magnet. Humble yet radiant,
Deepika Padukone’s talent and aspiration to excel have propelled her to meteoric
success. An incredibly popular figure in Indian and Southeast Asian culture, she is now
a critically acclaimed actress whose maturity has given her acting incredible substance.
Her splendid beauty has made her a style and fashion icon, yet above all she remains
genuinely people-oriented.

your full potential." A strong mantra for a free spirit that bears witness to a deep


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