ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s intriguing urban relationship drama, His Storyy, opens doors for the same sex lovestories


fter the stupendous success of The Married Woman, the digital platforms are all set to launch their next same-sex relationship drama, His Storyy. The much-anticipated launch of the show was preceded by an exciting pre-teaser, teaser, and trailer, which has made heads. The launch comes at a perfect time when most people’s attention is directed towards a screen, ensuring that the messages that the show intends to send, reach out to as many people as possible because this story needs to be heard. With His Storyy, ALTBalaji and ZEE5 have made a major leap in that direction. The LGBTQIA+ community is genuinely thrilled about ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s unwavering support and solidarity. With Satyadeep Misra as Kunal, Priyamani Raj as Sakshi & Mrinal Dutt as Preet; His Storyy is based on Kunal and Sakshi’s successful marriage for 20 years with two beautiful children. Sakshi’s world is torn apart when she learns the truth about Kunal cheating on her with another man, Preet, which eventually leads to their marriage hitting the rocks. His Storyy is a journey of two people, Kunal and Sakshi, trying to rediscover their ties to each other in the face of a crushing revelation. Kunal’s secret, which he is so afraid to speak of, is killing him on the inside. When he finds the love of his life and is finally able to acknowledge who he is, things start to fall apart for the family he has built. In short, his whole life turns upside down. Some impactful dialogues like ‘A perfect life, a perfect marriage but khete hai na nothing is ever perfect!’, 

Satyadeep Misra, who plays Kunal, says that, “Working on a series like His Storyy was just amazing.  I felt that the story of His Storyy provided many insights into the ideas of love, family, and society. I cannot wait to do more stories like this one and to hear what the audience thought about the story.”

While Priyamani Raj struggles to contain her excitement she says, “Breaking into the OTT space was itself wild for me, in just my second stint on this platform. Doing a show like His Storyy, which is unconventional but beyond beautiful, is something not many people get the opportunity to do. It indeed has been an honour and a privilege to deliver essential messages through art through my work.

I look forward to doing more such shows provided we receive love and support from the audience, which encourages us to do better each time.”

Binge-watch the 11 episodes of His Storyy now on ALTBalaji & ZEE5 App!



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