The Ultimate Mood Booster Playlist to beat Lockdown blues: Sukoon-E-Sanam


Considering the current situation and with the hope of uplifting people’s moods, Saregama and the
hugely popular music band SANAM have come together to curate a playlist of recreations of some of
the best classic retro songs. Get ready to sit back, rewind and enter the happy state of nostalgia.
Titled “Sukoon-E-Sanam”, the playlist brings together a collection of evergreen tracks that has been
famously recreated by the band Sanam.  Consisting of recreated versions of Lag Ja Gale, Pehla Nasha, Kora Kaagaz,Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam  and other melodies tracks, this playlist is just what you need to put a positive spin amidst these trying times.  The band members of SANAM said “In the middle of all the negativity, chaos, pain and suffering, it is important to shine some light on love, happiness, power, hope and strength! Music has the power to reach the deepest hearts and find us strength where we never knew it existed. After receiving a number of messages from fans saying that, listening to our music has been their source of strength in the darkest days of isolation and through the scariest days of recovery. We were touched deeply.

Sukoon- E-Sanam Playlist is available on Saregama Music YouTube Channel
( and all the leading OTT streaming platforms.


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