ALTBalaji celebrates the musical success of ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ with ‘Broken Unplugged – part 2’ – a virtual music concert featuring Vishal Mishra, Sandman, Anusha Mani & Romy!


ALTBalaji is often credited for their unique promotional activities for their web shows. Like their last successful and critically-acclaimed show, ‘The Married Woman’, which was hugely appreciated for its soulful mCelebrating the musical success of the show last week, the makers had organized a one-of-a-kind YouTube premiere, ‘Broken Unplugged’ – a musical rendezvous with the multi-talented composers and singers – Amaal Mallik and Akhil Sachdeva anchored by the MJ Show creator, Mihir Joshi. This week, for part 2 of ‘Broken Unplugged’, they have arranged another YouTube virtual activity featuring the other musical giants, including Vishal Mishra,  Sandman (Sandeep Patil), Anusha Mani, and Romy, who came together to celebrate the music of the show with host Mihir Joshi. The singers and composers also asked the audience to create their versions of the songs and tag them on social media for a larger celebration.usic, their latest web show, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’, is gaining immense appreciation from viewers for its brilliant music and heartwarming compositions.Their ardent fans were astounded with their renditions of the popular songs – ‘Boureya’ & ‘Hun Jaavaan’ from Broken But Beautiful.

Commenting on his journey of creating ‘Teri Hogaiyaan’ for seasons one and two, Vishal Mishra says, “The song is totally in sync with what’s happening in the series. Last season, the song highlighted that its acceptance of love. It was an effortless expression of love that resonated well with the audience. And now the new version is precisely in contrast – where one feels the pain of leaving somebody and going away.

While the first song was casual, the new song has been properly shot in a broad-way set-up. I wanted to do a very hybrid version of ‘Teri Hogaiyaan’ and make it completely new. The song has been composed, written, and sung differently. As an artist, it has truly been a satisfying experience.”

‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is streaming now on the ALTBalaji app.



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