Eureka Forbes rebukes unauthorised websites violating Eureka Forbes Limited IPR


Eureka Forbes Limited (EFL)filed a suit against several unauthorised website retailers for violating the Intellectual Property Rights. In the suit filed by EFL against fraudulent websites with intention of cheating the customers, for breaching IPR of Eureka Forbes Limited, Hon’ble Delhi High Court passed an ex-parte injunction dated 17.05.2021 restraining them from using / displaying in any manner the corporate name ‘Eureka Forbes’ and registered trademarks / copyrights of the plaintiff, ‘Aquaguard’, ‘Dr. Aquaguard’, ‘Forbes’, ‘AquaSure’ and ‘Aeroguard’ or any other similar mark in any manner whatsoever.The filing of the suit against unauthorised service providers was preceded with legal notices for infringing the corporate name ‘EurekaForbes’ and registered trademarks/copyrights, ‘Aquaguard’, ‘Dr.Aquaguard’,‘Forbes’,‘AquaSure’ and ‘Aeroguard’ or any other mark which is similar to the registered trademarks/copyrights of thecompany. The websites of these counterfeit products have been in operation using the well-known corporate names and it is also stated that when any customer types Aquaguard Customer Support/Aquaguard Service Centre/Aquaguard Customer Care Number etc. in the search engine, the infringing websites get reflected in a clear attempt to mislead consumers.Mr. Shashank Sinha, Chief Transformation Officer, Eureka Forbes Limited, said, “Fighting such imposters has been a sustained battle for us at Eureka Forbes. Unauthorised service networks pose a huge threat to consumers. Consumers are often lured with lower prices and end up buying fake or assembled products. We are committed to providing the best solutions, not just world class products and also safeguarding our customers from such malpractices.”

Counterfeit websites, such as these have existed in the past as well, and Eureka Forbes has been making sustained efforts to ensure the curb of such practices. Similar cases have resulted in FIRs being filed against malpractices prevalent incities like Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati, for misleading customers with fraudulent contracts. Such agencies have been putting the health of many consumers at risk. Eureka Forbes Limited strongly condemns such acts and has taken precautionary steps to protect its consumers.Eureka Forbes Limited has also set up a consumer helpline to be able to aid customers in identifying /verifyingEureka Forbes personnel.



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