Talisker Whisky and Parley for the Oceans, a collaboration network and
environmental organization, announced today a new three-year partnership. In a collaborative
environmental mission, Talisker and Parley are launching ‘Rewild Our Seas’, a global initiative to
restore and protect the health of underwater forests on coastlines. Together the partners will support
the preservation and protection of 100 million square meters of marine ecosystems around the world
by 2023.The partnership supports Parley’s mission to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans and will work to restore, preserve and protect them for future generations.
With an initial focus on projects protecting kelp forests along the coasts of Scotland, the home of
Talisker, the partners will collaborate worldwide with NGO’s working alongside local communities for
the preservation of protected areas, reserves and sanctuaries.The partnership will also involve:
Forming alliances with local non-profit organizations around the world and providing grants to further
support existing efforts in ocean research and protection, including at the home of Talisker Whisky in
Scotland Conducting innovative research through expeditions around the world to better understand marine ecosystems and solutions to protect them from threats such as climate change
Introducing commercial initiatives, including retail promotions, designed to help generate additional
funding and support for projects around the world.This is the first time Talisker has partnered with an environmental organization on a global scale. It builds on the wider initiatives already undertaken by Talisker to improve their environmental performance as part of Diageo’s wider sustainability program which include halving its carbon emissions and improving water efficiency. To date and as recently reported in their Annual Report, Diageo has achieved a 50% reduction in carbon emissions and a 46% water efficiency improvement.

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