Gajraj Rao teams up with Anand Tiwari for Father’s Day


‘Tu  Jaanta Nahi Tera Baap Kaun Hai’ for the youth media platform, Yuvaa, about a father struggling
to express love to his son, much like most of our fathers. This is their second collaboration for
Yuvaa, after the viral hit Talk to Them, which also features Kumud Mishra, Ratna Pathak
Shah, Sheeba Chadda, and other legendary actors, and was launched on World Suicide
Prevention Day, as a spoken word letter on mental health, from parents to their children.

Yuvaa, a youth media, research and community-impact organisation that creates social-good
content and campaigns for the Gen Z, has created multiple pieces of content trying to bridge the
gap between parents and the youth. As a platform that prides itself on ‘listening to young
people’, Yuvaa has conducted many researches to understand the emotions and feelings of
today’s youth. This video has been made to reflect one of the biggest insights that have come
out of the researches, a huge concern area for young boys – that they aren’t as connected with
their fathers as they would like, how they wish they could communicate more often with them,
and how they could get that hug they have been waiting for.
Written by Sajal Kumar, ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Tera Baap Kaun Hai’ is about a father, who has
struggled with patriarchy himself, trying to overcome his inner conditionings of masculinity, to tell
his son that he loves him. We often hear sons showing off with pride or ego ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi
Mera Baap Kaun Hai’ (‘You don’t know who my father is but this spoken word reveals, from a
father’s perspective, the irony that their sons themselves do not know their fathers really are!
This video, then, is a father's reintroduction to his son.

Says actor Gajrao Rao: “I have worked with Yuvaa on a wonderful spoken word called ‘Talk to
them’ in the past. The love and the accolades I received from that collaboration warmed my
heart. As a father myself, I realise that it is not easy to be open and honest with your children in
a society that pushes fathers to be strict and distant. I hope this video starts new conversations
between fathers and sons.”



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