Four romantic movies that make for the perfect rainy watch


Romance and rain go hand in hand, and this cloudy season, there’s no better way to celebrate Cupid than catching a lovey-dovey movie in the comfort of our homes. From hilarious rom-coms to mature relationship dramas, PVR Pictures bring you four of the sweetest, cutest and mushiest romantic films now streaming online:

All roads lead to Rome (2015)

When Sex and the City’s very own Carrie Bradshaw stars in a comedy about all things love, it’s a match made in heaven!

“All roads lead to Rome” sees Sarah Jessica Parker play Maggie, an anxious college teacher who shares a rocky relationship with her emotionally distant daughter. As the duo set off to a Tuscan village to patch things up, what follows is a life changing rollercoaster where Maggie bumps into an old flame, and chases her absconding daughter all the way to Rome!

With touching moments, wholesome laughs and gorgeous visuals of Italy, this film is a great way to indulge in some cinematic wanderlust.

All roads lead to Rome is available on Amazon Prime Video

Two Night Stand (2014)

If a modern and fresh take on romance is what you are after, this Miles Teller-Lio Tipton starrer is just the movie for you!

“Two Night Stand” is the story of Alec and Megan; a pair of messed up Gen Z millennials who slip into an awkward one night stand. The next day, when it’s time to whisk away, a blizzard forces them to continue their unwanted tryst. As the two let their guard down and uncover each other’s real personalities, a warm and adorable chemistry develops.

Will their spark fizzle off as a one time fling, or can love bloom from the most unexpected of places?

Watch Two Night Stand on Google Play Movies and iTunes to know more

Breathe In (2013)

An intense, deep and layered tale, Breathe In is far from your typical romantic drama, and that’s what makes this Drake Doremus directorial special.

A complex love triangle, it examines the troubled marriage of a high school music professor who has an affair with one of his students. Not resorting to loud histrionics, the story offers a sensitive portrayal of infidelity and matrimony. Garnished by stellar performances from lead trio Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, and Amy Ryan, Breathe In is meant for fans of nuanced storytelling.

Breathe In is streaming on Google Play Movies and iTunes

Stuck in Love (2012)

No matter how badly things end, we always harbour soft spots for people we once loved.

“Stuck in Love” introduces us to the Borgens; a close knit family that is shattered by divorce. As the kids navigate the struggles of a broken home and the parents cope with their separation, the film shows us that even though there is a lot of anger and resentment between souls who grow apart, deep down in a corner hides a bundle of warmth and affection too.

Featuring Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins and Nat Wolff, this one slides down our heart thanks to its real, relatable and bittersweet look at romance.

Stuck in Love is streaming on Google Play Movies and iTunes


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