Can Destiny Truly Be Challenged, Questions Samantar


Ever wondered what would happen if you found out that someone has already lived your life and that their karma could be your future? Such is the case of Kumar Mahajan (Swwapnil Joshi) and Sudarshan Chakrapani (Nitish Bharadwaj) in MX Original Series Samantar 2 – both men, leading 2 parallel lives but they share same fate lines.  Knowing your future can tempt you to control its course and alter it to suit your dreams but has anyone been able to challenge and win against destiny? Season 2 of this intriguing thriller starts off with Kumar reading a page from Chakrapani’s diary every day, that tells him about his future and Kumar seems to have conquered destiny with everything going as per plan. But a prediction of a mysterious woman (essayed by Sai Tamhankar) seems to throw Kumar’s best laid plans off their course and try as he might to alter destiny, things start going off track for him.

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Veteran actor Nitish Bharadwaj further opined, “Destiny is a sum total of our own actions & decisions; so focus dispassionately on your Karma & let destiny fructify.” The 10-episode thriller explores who this mystery woman is and whether Kumar faces the same fate as mentioned by Chakrapani in his diary.  This season of the Marathi thriller will also be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and all languages will be going live simultaneously on Thursday, 1st July – exclusively on MX Player.


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