Milkmaid, chocolates, 3 cans of cola in a day, and a lot of carbs made Tanuj transform to the Devious Sahil for ULLU’s Tandoor


Ever since ULLU dropped the first song from the much-awaited show ‘Tandoor’ starring Tanuj Virwani & Rashami Desai, fans have poured a lot of love. To look as real as the real-life character requires a lot of effort and kudos to Tanuj Virwani for pulling this off!

Tandoor is loosely inspired by a real-life incident that took place in Delhi, where a wife was killed by her suspicious husband in a restaurant’s fireplace (tandoor). Tanuj is known for his chocolate boy’s look and infections smile but he left no stone unturned to look and act the part of a devious killer. Shedding his chocolate boy look behind, Tanuj gained approximately 11 kgs. He wore a 4 shade darker base to look raw and unruly.

On going the extra mile to play Sahil, Tanuj shares“I am a person who loves being physically fit, working out. But this man was a politician, who lived a certain pompous lifestyle and I had to get rid of the innocence and polishness that we as people of a certain city or upbringing have. It started with putting on weight and a slightly swollen face, as Sahil consumes a lot of alcohol. So eating cheat meals throughout my preparation stage, bingeing on chocolates, downing 3 aerated drink cans a day made me quickly put on 11kgs and gave the required mature look. Then we had to play with the face. This was a face of a not-so-young politician who from inside is a monster killer. We accentuated the under eyes by making it darker and baggy. The appearance had to be unkempt because, on most parts of the show, he is on a run. I am really happy that I could get into the disposition of the character. Credits to my team for making me look like the gruesome, out of mind and diabolic character.”

Directed by Nivedita Basu and co-produced by ULLU, Chandni Soni, and Chitra Vakil Sharma, the trailer of Tandoor is all set to release on 12th July 2021.


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