Terra.do launches a comprehensive course for enthusiasts in the Electric Vehicles & Fleets value chain.


As the world is quickly moving towards sustainable living, road transport in India too is open to achieving environment-friendly objectives with a range of Electric Vehicles(EVs) and fleets due on Indian roads soon. A six-week course on opportunities and challenges on the upcoming electrification of commercial fleets has been designed by Terra.do for entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and other professionals dealing with
this electric mobility revolution. It includes stellar faculty members, a comprehensive syllabus and networking opportunities among other benefits. The participants will understand the intricacies of EVs and build an EV transition plan for their organization. Along with this, it will also offer a ready platform for networking with other auto and transit professionals and EV industry leaders over classes that run
around 5 hours/week. Participants also get lifelong access to the ever-growing global network of Terra.do climate fellows that range from industry, policy, technology and more.

For the benefit of participants, below is the week-by-week breakdown of the specialized
The program breakdown

Week 1 – Introduction – Context of transport electrification – Overview of technical
terms, Environmental context (GHG context, Air quality context, how to calculate the
CO2 savings from EVs), Strategic objectives of nations, EV markets, market sizes and
future projections.

Week 2 – EV Technology – Part 1 – EV Value Chain, Batteries Overview, Range and
charging issues.
EV Technology – Part 2 – Drivetrain and key considerations for fleets, Battery behavior
and battery life issues. Assessing residual value of EVs, Summary of EV nuances to keep
in mind in a fleet application.

Week 3 – EV Technology Batteries
State of the art, Likely evolution pathways for batteries, Price and performance
implications, Implications for EV fleets, Personal entrepreneurial journey
EV fleet applications – business models
General types of e-mobility business models, Challenges of financing EVs, Mobility
markets and business models.

Week 4 – EV fleet applications – unit economics & total cost of ownership
How to assess total cost of ownership (TCO), Sensitivity of different factors to total cost
of ownership, Challenges of financing EVs  Guest Lectures.

Week 5 – Charging infra and battery swapping business models
Charging infrastructure, Battery swapping, Overview of EV Policy considerations
Policy drivers, Key areas of EV policy typically seen globally, Policy impact assessment.
Week 6 – Policy and fleet regulation
Summing up: Methodology outline for transitioning fleets to EVs, 10-step methodology
to move from no EVs to all EVs.
Course Fee: $699 / 6 Weeks – Merit/need-based financial aid provided.
Program Start Date: 12 th July 2021

The course is created by Kartik Gopal, Senior Industry Specialist, Electric Vehicles, International Finance Corporation. With over 25 years of global work experience, of which the last 11 years have been in leading roles in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. He currently serves as the global EV industry specialist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group. He pioneered the introduction of
EVs into three new commercial fleet markets in India for the first time ever – for taxis,
last-mile deliveries and corporate employee transport. “Terra.do brings together highly talented and deeply committed individuals who are keen to make a difference to climate change. Transport accounts for approximately 25%of CO2 emissions globally, and the transition to EVs is a necessary part of the solution to
climate change. In particular, transitioning commercial fleet operations to EVs today
offers fleets an opportunity to reduce their total ownership costs, contribute to a cleaner
environment and participate in the exciting, once-in-a-lifetime adventure of leading the transformation of a 100-year-old industry.

Register for a free webinar on ‍Challenges of Electric Vehicle Fleets
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In this FREE webinar:
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