Bunaai launches its new collection – Shibori


Redefining your daily wear with a fine blend of traditional and contemporary finesse,Bunaai launches its latest collection – ‘Shibori’. Bringing to you tailored pieces, synonymous to your style; each piece is designed to celebrate bonds closest to your heart. The brand hopes to weave graceful ensembles with a promise to make the world more beautiful for YOU!

Capturing the true essence of a modern woman, each outfit is designed to bring out the best for now;
coordinated sets, jumpsuits, comfortable cotton dresses, flowy capes to classic kurta sets, each silhouette is crafted with a blend of warm hues, delicate necklines and timeless patterns infused with new-age designs,which make for an ideal summer staple. The collection is an ode to veritable designs, comfortable fabrics,contemporary silhouettes and ready-to-wear millennial ensembles.
The uniqueness of ‘Shibori’ lies within its soft, blurry-edged patterns which encompass the technique of ‘Tie &Dye’. The effect is visibly different from the sharp-edged resist achieved with wax or a stencil, making thedesigns unique every time. The process involves a method that uses elastic bands to bind a cloth tightly beforedyeing, creating an organic pattern, which is further enhanced with the use of experimental textiles, vibrantprints, intricate surface ornamentation and detailed craftsmanship.

“The inspiration behind the collection was to bridge the gap between comfort and unique fashion for the
millennial women while constantly evolving and expanding the product line and ruling the hearts of our
diverse clientele. While connecting the dots of what could be done next in the world of ‘Bunaai Women’,
Shibori came to my mind as it is a craft which is hundreds of years old but still popular in the global markets today.” – Pari Choudhary, Founder & CEO, Bunaai.


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