Britannia Good Day reveals the Surprise!


A couple of days back, urban India’s largest biscuit brand Britannia Good Day, played a happy prank on unsuspecting consumers as it launched a ‘Surprise Cookie pack’. It went live with a tongue-in-cheek campaign to land the surprise! An array of top-notch entertainment gurus from across the country paired up to swap their well-known personality traits in a fun, gimmicky manner. Having the viewers go what’s-this-all-about. The intention of the campaign was to pique the viewer’s attention through personality swaps of these famous stars, and it did that in style!

The star pairs include Karan Johar and Zakir Khan, Udit Narayan and Baba Sehgal, and Gautham Menon and RJ Balaji, both eminent names in Kollywood. Each star took on the personality of the other, mimicking trademark manners of speech and catch phrases. The result? The viewer was left intrigued by what the product was all about.

On Friday, the stars revealed the surprise. What’s inside the Britannia Good Day Surprise Pack? The newly formulated tastier, crunchier and chocolatier, Choco chip cookies from the brand.

Vinay Subramaniam, Vice President, Marketing, Britannia Industries Limited, said, Good Day is Britannia’s largest brands. Ask any consumer about Britannia Good Day and they will immediately describe the wonderful butter and cashew cookies. Now Britannia Good Day has launched a mouthwatering Chocochip cookie. To create intrigue and interest, we have launched a few special edition packs called the “Surprise Cookie”. Now that the surprise has been revealed, we are launching our brand new Britannia Good Day Chocochip Cookies in the country. The campaign was a fun and engaging way to launch our new Chocolate Chip cookies from Britannia Good Day and the response has been overwhelming (no surprises there)

Popular Celebrities switched personalities to delight their audiences with a generous dose of humour and wit. Song, rap,  stand-up comedy or commentary, the routes were many, but the result was audiences seeing and enjoying their much adored idols in a delightful new role thanks to the fun, quirky, full-of-flavour surprise delivered in true ‘Good Day” style.”

Link to YouTube campaign for each celeb duo:


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