Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Makes Pullela Gopichand-backed Meditation-tracking Startup, Dhyana, the Official Meditation Partner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) today announced a partnership with Dhyana, the startup behind the smart ring that measures the quality of meditation. The IOA has acquired smart Dhyana rings and Dhyana’s health management services for the entire Indian contingent headed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and is working together to prioritise mental wellness and improve focus of the players amidst the ongoing pandemic.Developed by Indian Badminton legend Pullela Gopichand and Oxford University alumnus and biomedical technology entrepreneur, Bhairav Shankar, the smart Dhyana ring is capable of measuring your ‘mindful minutes’, or the amount of time you are actually focussing while in a meditation session. It does this by continuously tracking your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or the gap in between two consecutive heartbeats, which is further broken down into the three fundamentals of every meditation session – the quality of breathing, focus and relaxation.

Dhyana rings have been used by Pullela Gopichand to help his students achieve their ‘mindfulness goals’ – which range from improving focus, productivity to overall mental health.

Research shows us that Dhyana helps provide a measurable and scientific way of tackling stress, increasing focus and building a positive state-of-mind through the power of meditation”, said Bhairav Shankar, Dhyana MD. “We have been conducting research on the benefits of measured meditation on athletes, and we’re really excited about the ability to work with the IOA in our collective mission to help the Indian contingent give their best at the upcoming games.”

“The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is going to be extremely challenging owing to the exceptional circumstances it is being held in. I have always relied on the benefits of meditation throughout my entire career – both as a player and as a coach, and am confident that data-driven meditation with the help of Dhyana will greatly benefit the Indian contingent to prepare better and help them unlock their full potential,” said Pullela Gopichand, Director of Dhyana and Chief Coach of The Indian Badminton Team.

“IOA is proud to team up with Dhyana to provide state-of-the-art medical-grade technology to the Indian contingent headed to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”, said Rajeev Mehta, Secretary General, IOA. “With Dhyana’s support, we will provide each member of the team with the wearable meditation device which is capable of providing crucial biofeedback during meditation. Data-driven and measured meditation can help athletes in ensuring that they meditate properly for a certain amount of time every day, thereby easing stress and improving their focus and concentration”.

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