The top four comedy flicks to kick start a weekend laugh-athon


PVR Pictures bring to you four of the funniest comedy films now playing online:

Fading Gigolo (2013)

Woody Allen starring in a comedy is incentive enough for any cinephile to hit the play button, but this
funny little gem also has the supremely talented John Turturro don the director’s hat, apart from featuring
in the title role.Fading Gigolo is the story of Fioravante, a man who decides to solve his friend’s money troubles by
joining the “oldest profession in the world”. What begins as a quick attempt to make a few bucks,
translates into a crazy mess when the aspiring gigolo falls for a widow who is also desired by a local
police officer. As a rollicking love triangle ensues, the laughs just get better and better.
With a cast that also includes Modern Family star Sofia Vergara along with the scintillating Sharon Stone,
this one’s for fans of cheeky wit and intelligent banter.
Fading Gigolo is available on iTunes and Google Play Movies

Youth (2015)

Sir Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and the majestic snow capped Alps, now that’s quite a delightful
combo, isn’t it?

Youth follows the journey of Fred (Caine) and Mick (Keitel), two old time chums who are on a vacation
up in the Swiss mountains. While Fred is a retired musician, Mick is a filmmaker on the verge of
finishing a very important script, one he believes would be his “last great movie”. As the two lifelong pals
witness changing times and observe their children’s complicated lives, Fred receives a royal offer he
literally “can’t refuse”. Laden with warm moments and sweet laughs, this film will tickle its way into
your heart.
Youth is available on Amazon Prime Video

The Personal History of David Copperfield (2020)

If adventure filled comedies bring a smile on your face, this Charles Dicken’s adaptation is sure to win
you over.
Dev Patel stars in this whimsically lovable tale of David Copperfield, an exceptionally talented and
wonderful human being who has been gifted with the power of incredible storytelling. As his skill takes
him to great places, we discover the bittersweet childhood of an orphan and his unbelievable flight to
fame. With positive vibes and a happy soul, this film is the perfect cosy watch to cheer your spirits.
The Personal History of David Copperfield is available on BookMyShow Stream


Some folks are enticed by comedy that is dark and wicked, if you are a part of that club, then Gringo is
just the film for you!
Featuring stalwarts like Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron, Gringo mixes black humour with thrilling
action to deliver a knockout of comedy gold. The plot sees a seemingly harmless businessman getting
entangled with dangerous drug lords, back stabbing partners and a lethal mercenary. Who is double
crossing whom in this madcap ride? Watch the film to laugh out loud at the most zany and naughtiest of
Gringo is available on iTunes and Google Play Movies.


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