MX Player brings your favorite couple back with Aani Kay Hava Season 3 that explores a new phase of their relationship


The firsts in a marriage always seem special but as the initial years go by, you realize that the camaraderie between the duo becomes uber important and spouses must find new ways to keep boredom in a relationship at bay. Such is the story of our favorite couple Jui and Saket, who return with the third season of the much-loved franchise – Aani Kay Hava. Season 1 saw this couple celebrate the many firsts of holy matrimony while the second season saw Jui and Saket navigate different emotions as they celebrated their third anniversary. Now, season 3 will see their not-so-young marriage hit the 5-year mark and with trust, love and a little madness at its core, this edition will introduce viewers to their lives during a nationwide
lockdown. From dealing with work related complications, to suddenly feeling like there is nothing new to talk about and bringing to life the little and big daily nok jhoks – this couple brings out the routine lives of all the couples out there. Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat reprise their roles in this entertaining season that is directed by Muramba fame Varun Narvekar. This MX Exclusive and  Priya Bapat said, “This season takes us through married life during a lockdown and this period truly saw multiple dynamics change in the relationship for many of us. It’s important to never let your marriage stagnate and to keep rekindling the excitement with maybe new hobbies, or a project that you decide to work on together or to simply find things that you both enjoy doing as a couple. After 5 years of marriage in Jui and Saket’s life – they continue
to grow together and handle the curveballs that life throws their way, and it is for this reason that I enjoy playing this character.Mirchi Originals Creation goes live on 6th of August, exclusively on MX Player.

Umesh Kamat said, “For a successful marriage, there has to be good communication and
companionship in the relationship. It’s important to try to understand your partner and we have
tried to highlight this message in a lighthearted manner through this series.

All episodes of this show will be available to watch on MX Player, starting 6th August for FREE


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