The devastating second wave of the pandemic had far-reaching effects across various sections and strata of the society. During these times, it was the women who led from the front and became the fulcrum around which families and communities held together. Right from world leaders and front-line workers to home makers and salaried professionals, women from various walks of life became the
primary torchbearers of strength, compassion and resilience. Displaying commendable values like empathy, kindness and perseverance, women rose to the occasion with grace & grit. They chose to find strength and be a rock for those around them. Platinum as a metal is denser than any other found in jewellery, making it a true symbol of strength. It is resilient, unchanging and stands the test of time, never losing its form or natural white through the passage of time mirroring the un-daunting spirit of these exemplary women. It these very qualities that making it a fitting tribute to the young, strong and compassionate women of today. Platinum Evara pays homage to them with a collection of finely crafted pieces.

The platinum swirl at the center of these exquisite earrings reflects the immense
inner strength she holds, while the rays emanating from it demonstrate how she
naturally inspires everyone around her to keep going. Made in a metal that
complements her rare strength, this piece celebrates the grace she
demonstrates on every occasion..

The diamond-encrusted centre symbolizes a woman’s inner strength and courage that gets
her through any challenge that comes her way. She brings a ray of positivity and hope to a
world otherwise in despair. She’s that breath of fresh air that rises with grace.

Held together by a platinum band, the two contrasting triangles portray
yin and yang – reflecting the way she holds herself together through the
good times and bad. She is strongest in her vulnerability and most
resilient in her kindness.


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