Gabriel Charles, an independent artist releases his new song ‘Calling Out Your Name’ on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.


The idea behind this song and the story is about running a parallel relationship a person has with God and a person has with a person in their life. Calling Out Your Name, usually refereed to ask for forgiveness from God when someone messes up, Gabriel has taken a reference for the same for people to ask for forgiveness when they mess up with someone they love in their life and they call out their name in the hope for forgiveness. With managing his passion for music, Gabriel also does great in academics, as he is currently pursuing medical studies from Mysore. More than a singer and songwriter he also engages himself in Rapping, Comedy, and Vlogging; his funny sketches have lately gathered a lot of attention on his social media.

He started his writing and singing career at the age of 14, and for him, there was no looking back. He released his first song “Living It Right’ which instantly became a sensation and received a lot of love.

Being an independent artist has not always been easy for him; from the process of writing to recording, to producing until marketing the song, he has handled everything single-headedly pretty well. He has also worked with ‘Original Dog’ a funding and marketing platform for artists, to raise funds for his song ‘Calling Out Your Name. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, AppleMusic,iTunes, etc.


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