Asia’s largest integrated expos on Cleaning Technologies & Hygiene Solutions at Greater Noida


The three-day Asia’s largest integrated expositions on cleaning technology — 18 th edtion of Clean India Show, Waste Technology India Expo, Laudrex India Expo and Auto Care Expo opened today at the India Exposition Mart Ltd, Greater Noida. The Show Inaugurated by Chief Guest Mahendra Singh Tanwar, Municipal Commissioner, Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, the Clean India Technology Week is bringing together products, systems,
solutions and services for meeting all of India’s cleaning, waste management and linen care
Speaking at the occesion of the Clean India Show, ​ Mahendra Singh Tanwar, Municipal
Commissioner, Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation said,Only 20% of municipal water is actually used in households. 80% of it runs off as greywater. In the future, cities will have to find ways to collect, treat and reuse this precious resource. "Municipal corporations need expertise when it comes to managing waste as a resource. For this, we will prefer an OPEX model with an experienced vendor rather than investing in CAPEX ourselves.
Speaking of the show, the young Ghaziabad Municipal commissioner, said” The industry has come up today with many innovative solutions and it was good to know about it at the Clean India Show and Waste Technology India Expos.

The Clean India Show is showcasing the next generation of cleaning and hygiene products under one roof. From futuristic robotic machines to enzyme-based eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, critical components of cleaning equipment to production equipment that helps entrepreneurs Make-in- India, a specialised coating that makes surfaces easier to clean to new and improved models of dependable cleaning tools, visitors can explore and experiment with an unmatched range of cleaning solutions. Not far behind are hygiene solutions, including a fully automated hand hygiene system and an automated toilet seat cover dispenser, new-age air filters as well as gloves that will protect the health of housekeeping staff. Rounding up the offerings are signature fragrances for the hospitality industry, and dispensers for the same.

The Waste Technology India Expo includes the latest innovations for city cleaning, robotic waste sorting, organic waste converters and waste-to-energy plants to specific solutions for biomedical and Construction Demolition Waste.


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