After her Bollywood debut through Tujhse Milne Ki Aas, Singer Raveena Mehta Released her new single Moonlight for her fans.


With new independent songs released each day the music industry is seeing a rocketing high each day. The boom of music platforms has given many new talents a place where they can showcase their work and this leads to music lovers getting some amazing songs and beats they can vibe on. One such indie artist who started her musical career mid-pandemic has turned out to make the world a fan of her voice and personality, Singer Raveena Mehta. After releasing her soulful single ‘Tere Liye’, she is back with yet another musical sensation ‘Moonlight’.

Raveena Mehta, who has been one prominent artist to introduce R&B, recently released ‘Tujhse Milne Ki Aas’ for Mini Film’ Production’s Ruskin Bond anthology ‘Falling In Love Again’, marking her Bollywood Debut. The music video for ‘Moonlight’ features the exotic location of  Los Cabos Mexico, which transports us to that location through the screen. This single stands out in a different way making it yet another masterpiece for all the music lovers out there. This music video surely has an international feel, while the song is majorly a mix of Hindi and English lyrics adding up to becoming this majestic virtual experience. This music video was released on Raveena Mehta’s official YouTube channel.


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