Voice raised for justice to 1984 riot victims, documentary to be released soon


Trailer of the documentary titled “1984 Genocide of Sikhs” narrates the real story of massacre of Sikhs in the year 1984. Trailer of the Documentary film “1984 Genocide of Sikhs” was released in a press conference in Delhi.
Sardar Inder Preet Singh, Founder, Global Middas Capital, addressed the media and narrated the objective behind making of this documentary. He said, “It is now 38 years since the Sikh genocide happened in this democratic country. Unfortunately, the authorities cannot prevent the inhuman killing of Sikhs even in the National Capital. It took the legal system 32 years to accept that there was a killing of 127 people in the riots in Uttar Pradesh alone. It is difficult to anticipate the time our legal system would take in delivering final justice to the families of victims that were killed in this genocide.”
“The government, while claiming that the process of rehabilitation is completed, considered only providing these families dwelling houses and no consideration was given to arrange for livelihood of the families the bread earner of which was killed in the genocide. The ground level facts are so frightening that it is hard to believe that the children of these riot victims were not able to go to school for studies. In many cases, it was the grandchildren of the people that were killed”, said Inder Preet Singh.
Sardar Inder Preet Singh also revealed, “I have been facing a lot of pressure to stop holding the release of this documentary and I have also been threatened.” However, the release is going ahead as scheduled, following the trailer launch today. Also, the production house is in talks with international OTT platforms in order to release the film worldwide.


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