We can accomplish anything they want with grit and determination.


“We can accomplish anything they want with grit and determination,” says Megha Chakraborty from Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons


  1. What made you accept this show- Kaatelal & Sons? How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB? 

The biggest reason for accepting Kaatelal & Sons was the fact that I got an opportunity to do something new. It is really different from the usual daily soap drama. This show and character was also challenging for me since I had to learn several things to ace the character of Garima. Kaatelal & Sons is bringing really strong characters and their journey to protect their salon by even disguising as boys. The character is intelligent and unafraid to challenge stereotypes and this excited me as an artiste. Associating with Sony SAB for a show as inspiring as Kaatelal & Sons has been great so far and I am sure audiences will love this show!

  1. The concept of the show is very motivating. Please share something more about it.

The show highlights the existing stereotype of gender roles that is deep rooted in people’s mind in our society. Kaatelal & Sons is our take of addressing the fact that there is no task or career that women cannot excel at and that dreams do not have any gender. Just like Garima and Susheela, who despite their father’s beliefs that women can’t be hairdressers and run a men’s salon, they prove their capabilities and stand by their ambition to run the salon and support the family.

  1. What is special about Garima? Please share something about your character.

Garima is ‘papa ki pari’. She is bubbly, intelligent and the more responsible daughter among the two. According to Dharampal Thakur, Garima and Susheela’s father, Garima listens and abides to his wishes. She handles every situation calmly and knows her way out of a sticky situation. Garima doesn’t believe in using her anger to navigate through problems, instead talks her way out of any situations. She is understanding and believes in handling any situation with care and intelligence. Garima is calm and composed as compared to her hot-headed sister Susheela.

  1. What are your thoughts on the phrase- ‘Sapno ka koi gender nahi hota’?

I loved this statement when I read the script and I feel it’s truly inspiring. Kaatelal & Sons brings about a question – should our pursuits and dreams in life should ever be restricted by gender? Like for example, a woman can be an ace barber, while a man can don the chef’s hat and prepare a lavish meal for the entire household. I hope our show inspires people to keep dreaming and take a step to achieve them.

        5.Do you relate to your character- Garima?

Yes, on many levels. Garima just like me believes in sorting any situation through a good conversation. I feel any problem can be solved if people just communicate calmly. I am also equally bubbly and talkative like Garima. One characteristic in which I completely differ from Garima is that she loves to dress up. I prefer a look that is neutral and natural. The character Garima has given me my several firsts as an artiste.

    6.How has the experience been, shooting for Kaatelal & Sons? Any message for the viewers?

 The experience has been really refreshing for me. I am doing a show after a year and I am simply loving it. I am really glad that my character has a unique look and my fans and friends will get to see me in a never seen before avatar. I will be seen portraying a character which no one thought I’d portray. I am enjoying the work as I am learning each day.

I want to urge all my fans and viewers to enjoy the upcoming festive season and shower us with their love and support as we are set to launch on 16th November with a beautiful story which is bound to entertain them and share a sweet message.

Tune in to Kaatelal & Sons and watch Megha Chakraborty as Garima, starting 16th November, Monday to Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB