Colors Infinity unlocks boundless innovation with one-of-a-kind reality show The Inventor Challenge, announces the panellists


Colors Infinity's one-of-a-kind reality show ‘The Inventor Challenge’ is all set to
launch on 27 August. This unique show provides a platform for big ideas. Enterprising inventors will get the opportunity to put forth their proposals and turn them into a prototype before taking them forward. These innovations will come to life under the advice and suggestions of a talented team comprising four panellistsand mentors – Vaibhav Chhabra and Anupama Gowda. With their knowledge and experience, the quintet will
help inventors to evolve in the show. Launching from 27th August,2022, the show will be aired on Colors Infinity and will stream on The Inventor Challenge YouTube channel.

Esteemed names like Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin – co-founders at Arata, a fast-growing internet-driven, personal care brand, Sarover Zaidi a social design practitioner and design thinker and Malini Agarwal – Influencer, TV Host, and Entrepreneur will be seen as panellists of the show.

panellist Dhruv Madhok, co-founder of Arata, says, “I am elated to be a part of this unique show. Surely, we will come across many innovative and different inventors.

Malini Agrawal, says, “The Inventor Challenge is a show for regular people who have great
ideas. ‘The Inventor Challenge’, from 27th August 2022 on Colors Infinity and on The Inventor Challenge Youtube channel


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