The film Zila Gorakhpur has cast of Prateek Shukla and Vindhya Tiwari which is being produced under the banner of Nostrum Entertainment Hub. Celebrated filmmaker of films like Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle and The Conversion has dropped in the 2nd poster of his upcoming passion project titled Zila Gorakhpur which is based intense student politics of Hindi heartland of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

A poster with this title has been posted by actor and honourable MP Shri Ravi Kishan on his social media accounts. It is pertinent to mention here that Nostum Entertainment in 2016 had announced it’s passion project of the feature film titled Zila Gorakhpur directed by Shri Vinod Tiwari. Under the directoral stewardship of Shri Vinod Tiwari, the process to begin principal shooting of our production Zila Gorakhpur is in very advanced stages of preparation.

In this backdrop, it is extremely unprofessional and even unethical of Shri Ravi Kishan to publicly share the poster of his film titled Gorakhpur which clearly, in our opinion, violates Copyright laws both in theme and name of the title.

Nostrum Entertainment and Shri Vinod Tiwari have already registered an official complaint against Shri Ravi Kishan and the concerned production company which is engaged in the production of the aforementioned feature film.

Expressing his views on the issue Shri Vinod Tiwari says, ” l am deeply pained and shocked that despite being suitably aware of the ownership of the title with us Shri Ravi Kishanji has still gone ahead and used our poster theme and our title for his film. This has severely damaged the commercial prospects of my film Zila Gorakhpur in which I have invested 7 years of my life.”


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