On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day, NRI Chaiwala offers 75 varieties of tea.


NRI Chaiwala is offering 75 different flavours in honor of the country’s 75th Independence Day. A blast of refreshment that will elevate your tea experience, NRI Chaiwala provides 75 various all-natural flavours and mixes that are healthy, immunity booster and beneficial for you. Nirogaya Chai, Yog Maya Chai, Kadha, and Suryastra Chai are just a few of the diverse flavours available. They are specialists in a variety of teas that no one else in India can brew or offer.

Jagdish Kumar, Founder, NRI Chaiwala was inspired by his love of tea to establish the NRI Chaiwala in New Delhi. Later he said “He will encourage Startup India and Make In India. He encourages Indian youth to start businesses. He also works to empower women. Our teas provide a variety of health benefits, and their prices are very reasonable, for the benefit of the common people, who can also purchase it.”

After consuming this tea, various advantages exist. You’ll benefit from an increase in immunity, better digestion, better vision, lower cholesterol, etc. Your stress will be reduced, and you’ll feel better overall. You’ll feel better overall, detox your body, and have cleaner blood as a result of its aid in weight loss.


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