Helly Shah and Sharad Malhotra star in Mika and Payal Dev’s Peppy Festive Number ‘Halo Re Halo’


 Mika Singh and Payal Dev have come together for a high-octane dance track ‘Halo Re Halo’. After very long Mika has lent his voice to a festive dance number and has collaborated with the superlative talent Payal Dev. Starring popular actors Sharad Malhotra and Helly Shah in a scintillating video, ‘Halo Re Halo’ has released on 7th October by Warner Music India and this song is sure to be the FestiveanthemoftheYear

Produced by Bollywood Hit Machine – Aditya Dev, the song features Sharad Malhotra & Helly Shah moving to some of the traditional Garba beats with a modern spunk. Set against a colorful and electrifying backdrop of a club, ‘Halo Re Halo’ is upbeat, groovy, and has a festival celebratory vibe to it. Fans had been eagerly waiting for Helly Shah & Sharad Malhotra’s peppy dance video since its announcement and Warner Music chose the first day of this auspicious season to release the music video.

On the launch of his latest festive music video, Mika shared, “We as a team are really excited for this song! Traditional Garba elements are something that I’ve worked on after quite a long time. Payal dev and Aditya are super talented and our vibe really matches. We are sure that the audiences will dance to this track this festive season

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