The much Anticipated Film Saroj Ka Rishta Ticket to be priced at RS 75 on 16th September to Celebrate India’s first National Cinema Day


celebrate National Cinema Day, on 16th September, Saroj Ka Rishta will cost you just  rs 75 across India as (MAI) officers a special price to celebrate this beautiful Cinema Day. The MAI says its a ‘Thank You’ gesture to people who watch films and they have been a very important part after post lockdown.

Abhishek Saxena was extremely Happy on MAI announcing National Cinema Day. “I think it’s a great news for all the movie lovers & we can’t think any other better day than National Cinema Day to to celebrate ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ in theaters.

Our film is releasing on National Cinema Day I.e 16th August 2022. Multiplex Association of india has come together to celebrate this big day by reducing the ticket price to Just Rs. 75 for all shows throughout the day pan india. This is a gift from multiplex to cinema lover audience. We will be very happy to showcase our film saroj ka rishta @ Rs. 75 on that day and be part of such positive moment said Distributor Sunny Khanna.

Saroj Ka Rishta starring Sanah Kapur, Gaurav Pandey and Randeep Rai is a story of a girl from Ghaziabad searching a partner who don’t just save but love her. we all have a Saroj inside in us. let’s embark on her journey of finding her life partner and embracing self love.


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