No need for dialysis with Postural Medicine therapy: Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury


On the occasion of National Unity Day on the anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the HIIMS (Hospital and Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences) team released a book – ‘360° Postural Medicine’  . Author Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Guru Manish (Chairman),HIIMS, Dr. Avadhesh Pandey (MBBS, MD-Radiology), Dr. Amar Singh Azad (MBBS, MD-Pediatrics, MD-General Medicine) were present at the programme.

Introducing the science of Postural Medicine, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury said that it gives faster relief than Allopathy, is safer than Ayurveda, more economic than Homeopathy and easier than Naturopathy. HIIMS is the first hospital in India to provide medical treatment to patients through Postural Medicine. It is also the first NABH Ayurvedic Panchkarma hospital in India. Medicines are not used in HIIMS Clinics, instead the patients are cured by lifestyle changes and natural methods. He said that if the patient’s bed is raised with the help of one or two bricks towards the feet, the head becomes lower, due to which the flow of blood towards the heart increases. The force of gravity eliminates the necessity of Dialysis. Postural medicine therapy is based on extensive research.

Ayurveda exponent Guru Manish said, “We will provide the facility of Postural Medicine at our 100+ Shuddhi Clinics across India. We have 12 Ayurvedic clinics in Delhi, which have got the approval of CGHS and DGHS. The government employees can now get free treatment under this facility.

Meanwhile, the hospitals in Chandigarh and Paschim Vihar, Delhi have also got NABH accreditation. These hospitals successfully treat patients with kidney and liver failure, cancer and auto-immune ailments.

Dr. Steve Bedi (Urologist, USA), Advocate Nilesh Ojha (President, Indian Bar Association) and Narendra Kumar Verma (Chairman, Diamond Pocket Books) also the team at HIIMS wants to eliminate dialysis, kidney and liver transplants with postural medicine just as pagers became obsolete with the advent of mobile phones. There is no need for the patient to depend on any kind of chemicals or drugs and high-tech equipment to get treated with postural medicine.

There are many remedies for this, which cannot even be thought of in any other medical system. With this technique, dialysis of 70% of patients can be stopped immediately. It was claimed that 100% of hypertension patients can control their blood pressure immediately without any medication. With the help of this therapy, heart attack can be prevented. With its help, Liver Cirrhosis can be prevented. With the help of this therapy, the patient of Fibromyalgia can be cured. Insomnia can be treated. This can lead to effective management of pain caused by a snake bite or scorpion sting.

Therapies include the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s. By adopting these therapies, the patient gets a mild anaesthesia or sedation effect, which helps in calming the mind and body. The book introduces postural medicine based on the GRAD (Gravitational Resistance and Diet) system, which enables a person to self-manage 27 major emergencies and life-threatening conditions. The book is available through the Sridhar University Certified Expert Network with over 1000 members and over 100 HIIMS clinics across the country.

Link to become a Postural Medicine Specialist: Link to reach to nearest clinic: HIIMS (Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences) is the first hospital in India with trained staff in Postural Medicine. For admission visit the following link:

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