Delhi Congress will oppose the BJP-ruled MCDs’ move to hike property tax, to put additional burden on the people, to compensates for BJP’s corruption and incompetence—Ch. Anil Kumar


BJP-ruled Municipal Corporations of Delhi, made bankrupt by the BJP along with colluding officials due to unprecedented levels of corruption, were now trying to fill the MCD coffers by increasing the house tax, to put additional burden on Delhiites, already devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Ch. Anil Kumar said that the North MCD’s move to hike house tax, on the plea that its budget allocation has fallen while the expenses have risen, does not hold water, as where did it spend Rs 8803 crore, as doctors in MCD hospitals have gone on strike demanding their salaries, while teachers, sanitation workers, nurses and paramedics often struck work, demanding their wages

Ch. Anil Kumar said that the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party together have wrecked the MCDs and ruined Delhi, and they are now passing on the burden of their corruption, incompetence and inaction to the people of Delhi, which Delhi Congress would vehemently oppose, by coming out on the streets.

Supreme Court’s order to halt all construction activity, allowed to resume by the Delhi Government, validates the stand of Delhi Congress that dust emanating from construction sites and broken roads is a major contributor to air pollution

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that the Supreme Court has validated Delhi Congress’ consistent stand that dust from construction sites and broken roads, along with vehicular pollution, were the major contributing factors to Delhi’s air pollution, as the apex court has directed the stoppage of all construction activity, which generates dust. He said that the Arvind Government allowed resumption of all construction activity after a week-long shut down, following severe air pollution, but the court felt that it was not yet time to reopen construction activity, as strong steps are needed to control pollution, instead of leaving it to the mercy of God.

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