The highest-grossing Russian film in history “Russian Peasant” will be shown in India


The Russian Film Festival will be held in Mumbai at the Cinepolis Andheri Cinema from November 17th to 20th. Viewers in India will be able to see some of the most impressive Russian movies created over the past few years. The films will be shown at the festival free of charge, with subtitles in Hindi and English; animated films will be dubbed in English and have subtitles in Hindi. Russian Film Festival shows are organized by ROSKINO with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

While the Russian Film Festival is being held in India for the second consecutive year, this is the first time that the event is offline. Last year, one of the largest Indian VOD platforms organized a three-week, online Russian film festival which attracted almost 700 thousand viewers.

The comedy film “Russian Peasant”, directed by Klim Shipenko, tells the story of a wealthy businessman’s attempt to reform his egotistic son, Grisha. It is beloved by the Russian audience (it became the highest-grossing Russian film) and will certainly resonate with the Indian audience. The original plot combined with the beautiful performance of the actors will not leave the audience feeling indifferent. “Russian Peasant” is already racing around the international market. In 2021, the rights to the film were sold to several countries, including India and China, so India is likely to have its own “Indian Peasant” soon.

Another comedy film in the line-up for the Russian Film Festival is “Young Man” directed by Alexandr Fomin. It’s a story about an adventurous 30-year-old, Vanya, who is involved in a scam and pretends to be a high school student to win a contest worth millions of rubles.

General Director of ROSKINO Inna Shalyto, “Last year we organized the online Russian Film Festival in India for the first time and we’re happy to bring our project back. But this time, we’ll be showing Russian movies offline on the big screen. I would like to note that we are now presenting the Russian film industry on a large scale, not only to the general audience at the Russian Film Festival but also to the professional film industry community in India at a business event, a film market which begins on November 20th. Russian companies will bring more than 30 projects to the market, which may later appear on Indian TV channels and VOD platforms. India is an important partner for Russia in terms of cultural interaction.

The Line-Up of the Russian Film Festival in India:

The comedy film “Russian Peasant” directed by Klim Shipenko, 2019. The highest-grossing Russian movie ever. The movie tells the story of a spoiled rich kid, Grisha, whose father tries to reform him. One day, he comes to his senses after an accident and wakes up in…1860 in his master’s estate. Now he is a simple peasant without any ties or a smartphone, surrounded by serf peasants. Grisha’s path will not be easy. He will have a long way to go from being a spoiled child to a person who learns how to communicate properly with people, to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, and find true love. The film rights to “Russian Peasant” were acquired by several foreign countries, including China. A sequel to the movie is currently being filmed.

“Palma” directed by Alexandr Domogarov Jr., 2020. It’s a family adventure story based on true events taking place in 1974-1976 at Vnukovo airport. It’s a story about a shepherd dog named Palma who is forced to part with its owner.

“The Bolshoi” drama directed by Valeriy Todorovskiy, 2017. It’s a film about a young and talented dancer from a small mining town, Julia, who lands the chance of a lifetime. 

“Fixies vs Crabots” directed by Vasiko Bedoshvili, Oleg Uzhinov, and Ivan Pshonkin, 2019. The animated film is about Fixies — tiny, kind creatures that live in machines and devices, taking care of them. As they hide from people, there are only a few lucky humans in the world who get to interact with Fixies.


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