Make you own Perfumery kit from ISAK


The ISAK Perfumery kit consists of everything you need.

There are 12 ingredients/bases ready for perfumery along with an ISAK Lab Workbook with notes, formula sheets, and space to take down your personal notes. The detailed instructions and steps will guide you through the process, helping you explore your creativity while mesmerising you through the creation of your unique bespoke perfume.

The kit is perfect for perfumery enthusiasts, experimenters, the rule breakers and those who strive to think out of the box.

This wooden Box consists of top grade perfumery materials and instruments including 12 unique ingredients, 2 glass beakers, 2 empty spray bottles with labels, droppers, smell strips, and coffee beans. The box is crafted to perfection. All you now need is creativity and a nose.


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