MX TakaTak Fame House Emerges As A Huge Success.


Fame House is a reality series wherein content creators are challenged with daily tasks to
win the battle of fame and it was released exclusively on MX Player. Fame House has
become an instant hit among these millennial content creators and has emerged  as  a
springboard for them to become the next digital superstars. Content creators across India
have been waiting to enter the Fame House for its next season, to persevere and fight for
the chance to walk away with millions of additional followers as well as to live their dream of
featuring in a web series.
The first season had 18 content creators, a beautiful location in Goa and with 7 days to
collaborate, create and chill – the inmates of this house were armed with professional help
and the mobile first content creation tools of the MX TakaTak app, that truly opened up a
new world of endless possibilities for the creators. Everybody who entered this edition of the
show had a different forte and talent; some were famous for their acting skills, some for
making couple videos while the others were known for making concept videos. The
experience of collaborating together not only led to more followers for each influencer but
also helped them enrich their own portfolio and curate content pieces that were far more
engaging. So, if you want to know more about their journey as influencers and take a sneak peek into
the lives of your favorite content creator, start watching Fame House on MX Player now.
Also, download the MX TakaTak app to watch more of their fun videos.
Download MX TakaTak Now:


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