Adarsh School’s to start Education in 2021 with New Beginnings Initiative


In an effort to spread positivity and cheer for the forthcoming year, the Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools celebrated the New Beginnings of 2021 here at the Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools in Kalewal, Balad Khurd and Gandhuan.

Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools are managed and operated by Eduspark International Pvt. Ltd., an AMPERSAND Group company and run under the public-private partnership (PPP) with the Education Department of Punjab. Teachers and students across schools in Balad Khurd, Gandhuan and Kalewal were encouraged to share and post messages online by tagging #NewBeginnings and #MyEducationMyPath to usher the New Year with zeal and to share innovative ideas to compliment blended learning in the coming year.

The students and teachers shared videos, photos, write-ups on #MyWishForTheWorld along with home experiments they learned during lockdown and innovative methods of learning. In addition, students were encouraged to share their thoughts on topics like positives from 2020, benefits on online learning and how it helped in maintaining continuity of education, learnings from Covid-19 and on precautions they would take on resumption of schools.

Mr. Harish Rawal, Vice-President–Academic Operations, Eduspark International Pvt Ltd, an Ampersand Group Company said, “We are extremely pleased that our students are participating in the New Beginnings 2021 activities. Teachers of Hubble Adarsh Schools have always encouraged our students to participate in such creative initiatives. This year due to the pandemic, initiatives such as these are being leveraged as much as possible on to the online platform which will give students a wider audience to showcase their talents, ambitions and share messages.”


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