Illuminate and uplift your home with Pantone Colour of the Year 2021


Pantone announced ‘Illuminating’ which is a bright yellow color and ‘Ultimate Gray’ which assure feelings of composure and resilience. Today, with maximum time being spent at home, it’s important to brighten our nests to be able to rise and shine. As we constantly crave encouragement and upliftment, how about we bid farewell to gloominess and splash merriment of Pantone 2021 colors to our home?

Read on to explore newer ways of designing your abode that speaks the language of positivity, hopefulness, vibrancy and safety. 

A picture containing floor, indoor, room, curtain Description automatically generatedUp and working! 

While offices usually remind of boring tiny cubicles, working from home has given an opportunity to state your style using all your creativity. Also, the coming year will see work from home to continue to be a part of our lives for few more months. How about we give a quick makeover to your study desk? Some like to keep their desk spick and span while some prefer to keep all the office essentials or non-essentials together. Whatever your calling is, go for a study table and chair in the refreshing yellow shade ‘Illuminating’. Now pair a book stand or case in the earthy shade of ‘Ultimate Gray’. This marriage of Pantone 2021 colors will instantly infuse zeal and cheer. 

To make this natural look in sync with other interior elements, go for light brown wooden flooring options. For instance, this Oak Topaz from Mikasa Floors seamlessly blends with your color scheme. Moreover, Mikasa Floors are composed of three stability providing layers – real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer, you don’t have to worry about the climate change. As finishing touches, just place a white lamp and a pen holder to complete the look. This vibrant and simple decor set-up will help you boost your thought process and give your best performance!

The closet charms!

As we welcome a new year with optimism and strength, let the same spirit get reflected in your dressing space. Afterall, that is where you start and end your day. We can’t deny that too many shades, textures, and prints can sometimes look complex and unpleasing, this is where a calm color paired with a bright undertone can help you create a soothing space. An urbane closet with subtle shades and a hint of light truly rejuvenates your mood.


Laminate your wall panels with the soothing essence of light grey shade that can also help you keep health and hygiene intact. For instance, go for grey colour laminate decors from Greenlam Laminates which offers a safeguard plus technology with health & hygiene features – antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal that retard and kill up to 99.99%* of viruses and bacteria which come in contact with the surface. Greenlam Laminates are the world’s first COVID-19 resistant laminates proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) with 99%* efficacy in 30 minutes of exposure to the laminate surface, so that you and your family can stay stress-free and healthy. As you will go about showcasing your clothes and other precious collections, make some room for a seating arrangement in one corner. Here, you can use a bright yellow throw along with some flowers by the side to make it look effortlessly flamboyant.

A picture containing indoor, yellow, furniture Description automatically generatedChill for children! 

Now that kids are bound to stay at home for a longer time, make their space more fun, cheerful, and lively. Kids should have a space where they can have their play dates, study, or even just scribble! This space should be designed like a blank canvas where your child can explore themselves freely and feel upbeat to match their energy levels. For the walls, opt for natural veneer from the extensive range of Decowood Veneers whose neutral light shades are perfect for distinguishing other vibrant colors in your space. Since, these veneers are easy to maintain and durable, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of your walls. Adding 2021’s Pantone shade- ‘Illuminating’- a bright yellow, will add a positive element in the room. So, you can add this shade in smaller elements like cushions and lamps to oomph the look. Place a soft and warm rug in the Pantone shade ‘Ultimate Gray’ so that your child too feels the encouragement and steadiness of this shade. Go for wood pattern laminates in natural light brown shade for keeping all the toys and other hobby stuff arranged at one place. Trust us, this fun and frolic space will make your child go super happy!


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