Sania Mirza reveals the design story of her luxe abode In Asian Paints Where the Heart Is, Season 7


Every house says something. I think my house says that the home was built with a lot of love. There’s a lot of memories that we share with a lot of love.”, says Sania Mirza. The global tennis sensation reveals the story of her home as she takes audiences through her beautiful abode in the 4th episode of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is, Season 7.

As you enter her home, sharing insights about her expansive ground floor living space, Sania Mirza reveals“This is the space where we spend, probably the most time in this house. It is the most spacious sort of living, drawing slash dining, slash kitchen which has now been converted into a foosball table area for my four-and-a-half-year-old son.” Sania reflects on how her son, Izhaan, has brought vibrancy and playfulness to the home, making it a more joyful place for everyone.

The lounge reflects Sania’s design sensibilities as one sees the infusion of strong accents of gold and a luxurious carpet on the floor, both adding a touch of glamour and grandeur to the space.

Sharing the story behind her son, Izhaan’s delightful room Sania shares, “The first thought was the room needed to be right next to mine, so that he was close. He’s a boy and he loves blue, so I was like, “Okay, let’s make it blue and grey.” And that’s how the colour actually came along. It’s a nice spacious room with a lot of light.”

 While playfully going through picture cards of different spaces of her home, Sania explains the why’s behind every element, especially the bold use of gold.  “I feel like gold is something that can look very bad if you use it badly. But this very room, this dining and the drawing behind me, I’ve used some gold accents just to give it a little bit of a grand sort of look.” The artist in Sania comes to light.

Sania’s home is a sanctuary where victories are celebrated, memories are made, and comfort is found.  The place where she finds sanity in her bustling life. Watch Sania Mirza’s sense of decor and design beyond her tennis prowess in Asian Paints – Where The Heart Is Season 7.


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