Saira Banu’s Heartfelt Wishes on Instagram: Nanda Taai Remembered on Birth Anniversary with Nostalgic Emotions and Bollywood Sisterhood Stories


Saira Banu recently took to Instagram to pay a heartfelt tribute to the legendary actress Nanda on her birth anniversary. In a nostalgic post, Saira shared memories of her interactions with Nanda Taai, recounting the years when her mothers, Naseemji, Waheeda Apa, and Sayeeda Apa, were neighbours at Nepean Sea Road. first interaction with Nanda, saying “My mother Naseemji, Waheeda Apa, Sayeeda Apa had for years been neighbours at Nepean Sea Road. I had not seen any of Nandaji’s films, except, ‘CHAAR DIWARI’. During the earlier years of my career I would see her at film soirees with Waheeda Aapa and we would occasionally sometimes run into each other like this.

Saira Banu then reflected on Nanda’s stellar career, adding “She told me that throughout her career she never minded working with new heroes. In fact, like a good encouraging colleague she patiently and diligently guided them in their work literally holding their hands and leading them through the paces of their work to achieve their goals of establishing themselves as popular heroes.

Promising more stories of the precious moments of sisterhood she shared with Nanda Taai in, Saira Banu’s heart-touching tribute serves to remind us of the precious bond the actor of the golden era of Bollywood shared, highlighting the challenges faced by actresses like Nanda who played an important role in shaping the industry we see today.