The Ultimate Betrayals of BIGG BOSS 17 that Left Viewers Shocked and Contestants Heartbroken


BIGG BOSS season 17, has been a rollercoaster ride of friendships and betrayals. Bonds that seemed unbreakable crumbled, leaving contestants and viewers in shock.As the show nears its 90th episode, emotional turmoil, incessant fights, and drama have kept the contestants on edge.

Here are the most recent ultimate betrayals of BIGG BOSS season 17:

1-Ankita claims Vicky as ‘FALTU’: One of the biggest betrayals came from Ankita, who chose Munawar over her husband Vicky during a task, calling him “FALTU”. The appearance of a note on the Glance Smart Lock Screen, “Ab waqt hai to set your priorities right”, Ankita showcased that her priorities lie elsewhere.

2-Munawar and Mannara: During the New Year celebration, Munawar gave Mannara a heart during a task, expressing his desire to mend their relationship. However, things took a turn for the worse when Ayesha returned the next day. Munawar started fighting with Mannara again, telling her to “get over” him.

3-Abhishek and Munawar: After receiving votes from Munawar and Ankita, Abhishek was given the opportunity to re-enter the house. However, upon his return, he immediately engaged in an argument with Ankita and later with his best friend, Munawar.

The recent episodes featured family members of the contestants meeting them and sharing their feedback on their performance so far on the show. Contestants like Ankita and Vicky can already be seen making new strategies and game plans.


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