ALTBalaji drops 2 Brand new posters of their upcoming Dramedy Helllo Jee!


Preceding the much-anticipated release of ALTBalaji’s Dramedy series Helllo Jee are two entrancing pop culture-inspired posters. One an ode to the beloved protagonist ‘Angelina’ portrayed by Nyra Banerjee and the other depicting the gorgeous best friend ‘Saroj’ played by Mrinalini Tyagi in unique colours and graphics. The upcoming launch of the much-awaited series feels like a massive success long before the date gets close. Undoubtedly the series has all the ingredients to make it so, from the gorgeous cast, to the unconventional, raw story to the brilliant acting and depiction of the characters by staying true to their essence. Helllo Jee’s story surrounds a group of brave, strong women, determined to make it on their own and discover who they are on their own merits, with full intent of breaking down the idea and the conditioning. These vibrant women achieve all that they desire despite the numerous challenges thrown at them by fate, other humans and everything in between. A definite treat to the senses and guaranteed to stimulate your brain and thoughts, the show will tug at your heartstrings while you are at it. Such an inspiring story is hard to resist, and the beguiling posters make it harder still. It looks like action would plan to give in and let the series whisk you away with its charm and magic.

Stay tuned to only ALTBalaji for more updates!



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