The 1st Indian Female Singer to launch two Albums in a year, Singer Arzutra Garielle, launches 2nd Album ‘Tumhaari’

Her Debut Album ‘Woh Pal’ was launched 5th April 2020. After seeing the unexpectedly huge fan response Arzutra Garielle quickly got to work on her 2nd Album although claims she found it very tough to stay motivated during the Coronavirus. “I felt like chucking it all in and just relaxing like all of my friends. My fans kept me motivated to make this Album in such difficult times.”
The 2nd Album, ‘Tumhaari’ contains 8 love-songs including an exclusive Remix for her career marking signature song ‘Woh Pal,’ produced by the iconic DJ Shadow Dubai (originally produced by Atif Ali). The 2nd Album has been produced by Atif Ali, the legendary Dubai based Composer who has given the Album ‘Tumhaari’ a fantasy-like feel with a balance of slow and upbeat songs to suit every mood.
The title song ‘Tumhaari’ reminds us of an evergreen Bollywood song. With her own distinct voice and style of singing, Arzutra is most certainly impressing fans and critical audiences across the world. Many of those often wonder how Arzutra can sing in Hindi yet doesn’t speak it. The 2nd Album is evident in her claim to years of dedication and hard work to learn Hindi. “I locked myself in a room all by myself and listened to Lata Ji on repeat for 10 years just to perfect my Hindi. Lata Ji is my Hindi teacher,” admits Arzutra.
Taking 3 years to make ‘Tumhaari’ is sure to get some serious attention globally.
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